Classic BMW Plano hosts a massive 400+ Cars & Coffee the first Saturday of each month. We went in July and had an absolute blast seeing everything from classic Chevrolet Camaro’s to De Tomaso Pantera’s. I witnessed seven BMW Z8’s for crying out loud!

In true SportsCarHunter fashion we photographed a boatload of cars and uploaded our favorite 50 or so via our social media on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook. Here are the top five cars, as voted by your likes on Instagram. Check out the rest of our uploads on on Instagram feed when you’re done here!

In 5th Place with 88 likes is a sparkling black and orange Porsche 911 GT3. A track car that is drive through friendly? Sign me and 88 other people up!

Sports Car Hunter Porsche 911 GT3

4th Place was one like away from third with 92. The newest generation SRT Viper was caught exiting Cars & Coffee. Chances are most people haven’t seen one in person yet so the popularity makes complete sense. I got up close and personal with this beast. There is nothing but menace and sin underneath that bonnet, let me tell you!

Sports Car Hunter SRT Viper

3rd Place was achieved with 93 likes for the absolutely bonkers Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series Roadster. We’re not sure if it was the 1994-esque radical Nickelodeon wrap or the 720 horsepower plate advertising, but the internet loved this car. I wish I had stayed around to hear what it sounded like.

Sports Car Hunter Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series Roadster

In 2nd Place with 119 likes is a back end shot of a brand new , half a million dollar, Lamborghini Aventador roadster. Wide as a city bus, the Lambo is parked dead center aisle for all to be seen. The white paint was a perfect match for the early morning. This supercar garnered more attention than any other. How could it not? It’s brash, obscene, and oh so sexy.

Sports Car Hunter Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Lastly, in 1st Place with 154 likes is one of my favorite spots of all time. The 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. What makes this so special? It’s leaving the lot en route to tearing up the highway. Which is bodacious. How would you like to be that Prius riding the left hand lane only to have this monster run you off the road?! It’s only going about two miles an hour here, but looks like it could be hitting 200 from that mean half turned snarl. Looking a little deeper into the photo reveals the Ferrari 599 in the back right corner. The 599 is the predecessor to the F12. It’s as if the seasoned veteran, same paint color by the way, is ushering the new thoroughbred to take it’s place. Right after this photo I slowly backed away, as my car had shat itself in fear of that pony.

Sports Car Hunter Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


There you have it, the best of Cars & Coffee July 2013! We will be there TOMORROW starting bright and early at 7am to celebrate the Dustball Rally cars and to give away plenty of great prizes in our contest. Look for the stickered up rally cars, take a photo, & tag #DustballRally on social media to win!


SportsCarHunter is no stranger to excessively awesome rally swag. Remember last year when we brought 1,000,000 in Monopoly Money, 3600 mardi gras beads, 250 stickers, & 200 koozies 2000+ miles into New Orleans? #DustballRally

This year we are rallying Dallas to Miami. The land is going to change from oil wells to palm trees. Two different versions of 80’s excess – both equally absurd.

We have upped the ante in 2013. This year we have even more great things to give away. Simply take a photo of a car, upload it to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the tag #DustballRally, and be entered to win! We will release the prizes Saturday morning at Cars & Coffee!

We will be at Classic BMW’s Cars & Coffee this Saturday & at the Dustball Rally Car Show at The Londoner in Addison, TX Monday night 8/5/2013 from 6:00-9:00pm. Stop by, check out the cars, and get some free gear!

Cars & Coffee Saturday:

Car Show Monday:

  • The Londoner Addison
  • 14930 Midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001
  • Cross Street: Beltway Road