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Don’t you hate it when construction gives you a stiff neck?

Watch the “How to properly exit a freeway.” Video That’s About to Go Viral

Straight off the presses is the just-uploaded video of a traction-control free exit from an off ramp. The real victory will be in all the teenagers trying to replicate this stunt over the weekend. What’s the over/under on off ramp crash videos for Monday? Any takers?!  

Lancia Stratos. The Rally Honey Badger.

The gearheads at Petrolicious are at it again! Watch this great 6 minute video about one man’s personal Lancia obsession. We love the Stratos for the exact same reasons he describes. It’s unreasonable, unforgiving, brutal, and impeccably amazing. Go watch. Now! The Uncompromising Legendary Lancia Stratos via YouTube from

Man Takes SAAB 2-Stroke, Does Manly Things.

After Drive with another great piece!   Ever wanted to go back in time, when screaming two-stroke Saabs were the kings of rally? Find out how you can, with Bruce Turk, Saab jedi-master and vintage rally dude.

#95’s Aston Martin Vantage Allan Simonsen’s fatal car wreck

Dash cam from a Corvette showing  #95’s Aston Martin Vantage Allan Simonsen’s fatal car wreck at the 2013 24 Hours of LeMans.

Say “goodbye” to your next two hours and seven minutes.

This film covers the full 1973 F1 Nurburgring Nordschleife race, its raw footage without any commentary and allows you to listen to the roar of the cars and the sound of the chopper blades over the din of the crowds.
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